COST Action IS1303 (CHIPME) Final Conference, September 4-6 2017 (Aula Maxima, Quadrangle, NUI Galway)

The COST Action IS1303 (CHIPME) is organising its final European conference in NUI Galway on emerging ethical, legal, societal and scientific developments in genetic testing and research as well as ICT developments in the context of health across Europe.

Launched in Brussels in November 2013, the CHIPME COST Action is a network centred around nationally funded research projects which converge in their focus on citizen’s health through public-private initiatives, with lessons from public health, market and ethical perspectives. COST (Cooperation in Science & Technology) is the longest-running European framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers and scholars across Europe. Based on a European intergovernmental framework for cooperation in science and technology, the framework has been contributing – since its creation in 1971 – to closing the gap between science, policy makers and society throughout Europe and beyond.

With this mission, CHIPME has focussed on bring together a multidisciplinary team of experts whose focus has been on coordinating research and providing guidance on ethical, legal and social issues with regard to rapidly evolving developments in genetic testing and research, sharing of personal health data through advanced information communication technology, development of new forms of public-private health initiatives, consumer genetics and public health, on engagement and participation between scientists, clinicians, medical practitioners, IT experts, policy-makers, academics and the general public. Ultimately, this will improve and better facilitate responsible research and innovation with harmonised guidance, standards and flexible regulations throughout Europe with resulting improved healthcare for Europe’s citizens as well as being a model on the international stage. In addition to numerous meetings, workshops and conferences engaging all the stakeholders mentioned above, CHIPME is publishing its research and recommendations throughout the academic and non-academic literature as well as on European television and online media platforms.

During our forthcoming conference in NUI Galway, we will be discussing the impact of recent innovations in the field of genomics and emerging challenges with regard to the following themes:

  • Challenges of the expanded availability of genomic information
  • Consent, return of results and new genomic technologies
  • Public health and Private sector involvement
  • Data-sharing and ICT developments
  • Participatory and public engagement in genetics, science and research
  • New ethical, legal and regulatory challenges: the case of gene editing



Our speakers include Professor Pascal Borry (KU Leuven), Dr Deborah Mascalzoni (Uppsala University), Ms Isabelle Budin Ljøsne (University of Oslo), Dr Danya Vears (KU Leuven), Dr Michele Loi (University of Zurich), Ms Heidi Beate Bentzen (University of Oslo), Dr Giovanni De Grandis (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Professor Timo Minssen (University of Copenhagen) Dr Ana Nordberg (University of Copenhagen), Dr Heidi C. Howard (Uppsala University), Professor Klaus Hoeyer (University of Copenhagen), Professor Mikko Rask (University of Helsinki), Ms Brígida Riso (ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon), Dr Lucia Galvagni (Bruno Kessler Foundation), Dr Minna Ruckenstein (University of Helsinki), Dr Neeme Tõnisson (University of Tartu) & Dr Oliver Feeney (NUI Galway/Ghent University) and more to be confirmed.


  • MC meeting [CHIPME only]: Sept 4th @2pm
  • Main Conference starts: Sept 4th @ 3pm
  • Main Conference ends: Sept 5th @ 3pm
  • Workshop on future research [CHIPME only]: Sept 5th @ 3.30pm
  • CHIPME Work Meetings:
    • Sept 5th (5.00pm-6.30pm)
    • Sept 6th (9.30am – 12pm)



The main venue will be the Aula Maxima, Quadrangle, NUI Galway.

The main conference is open to the public and all are welcome.

For more information, and to register for free, please go to here and check out our website.

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