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  • To review current bioethical courses in Ireland, including medical ethics, nursing ethics and other cognate areas, and provide recommendations for future courses, curricula and teaching methods.
  • To collate state-of-the-art Irish research and coordinate research in topical bioethical issues.
  • To contribute to developing professional competencies and clinical ethics training and training of ethics committees.
  • To promote bioethical education and to raise awareness and knowledge throughout Irish society on key bioethical debates.
  • To promote increased engagement between academics, students, medical practitioners, scientific researchers, patients and the wider public.
  • To foster communication and dissemination between Irish bioethics and UNESCO.



  • Initiating a database and review of Irish third-level courses in bioethics (including medical ethics, nursing ethics and other cognate areas).
  • Creating a digital repository for the compilation of state-of-the-art bioethical research publications, reports and other projects in Ireland.
  • Promoting further bioethical education and engagement with students and the wider public through summer schools, seminars, conferences and public lectures.
  • Creating a UNESCO Bioethics Ireland website and quarterly digital newsletter outlining news and events in Irish bioethics and from the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics.
  • Coordination of publications on topical issues in bioethics (including special issues in international journals).


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