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Upcoming events & projects

Forthcoming events

  • Workshop on ethics & chronic illness: QUB, Belfast (6-7th September)

Dr Tom Walker is organising a workshop on ethics and chronic illness to take place at QUB on the 6th/7th September (more details below). The workshop is free, but if you are interested in attending, please contact Tom on: as soon as possible.

  • Thursday 6th September — Room TR6, Graduate School, QUB
  • Session 1: 10.00-12.15
    • Nancy Berlinger (The Hastings Center): Spatial justice in ageing societiesAnn Gallagher (University of Surrey): Slow ethics, chronicity and elder care
  • Session 2: 12.45-14.45
    • Mark Schweda (University of Goettingen): Between fatalism and responsibilization: Ethical aspects of dementia prevention
    • Gry Wester (King’s College London): TBC
  • Session 3: 15.00-16.00
    • Michael Dunn (University of Oxford): TBC
  • Friday 7th September — Room TR6, Graduate School, QUB
  • Session 4: 10.15-12.15
    • Nancy Jecker (University of Washington): Threats to dignity in later life: A life stages approach
    • Christopher Wareham (University of Witwatersrand): Age and well-being: Ethical implications of the U-curve of happiness
  • Session 5: 13.00-15.00
    • James Wilson (UCL): TBC
    • Tom Walker (Queen’s University Belfast): A capabilities approach to problems of patient non-adherence
  • Session 6: 15.15-16.00
    • Roundtable discussion


  • Friday 12th October: Session 2 – 4.00-5.10pm (Henihan Room 6th floor)
  • The Politics of Science and Biomedicine in Ireland.
    • Chair: Vittorio Bufacchi (UCC)
    • Bioethical oversight, genome-editing and the Assisted Human Reproduction Bill – some considerations from the divergent Irish and UK approaches – Oliver Feeney (NUIG/DCU)
    • Deliberation and participation in research with moral connotations: some lessons from Brazil and Spain – Maureen O’Sullivan (NUIG)
    • Propositions of Life Itself: first steps towards aligning biopolitical theories with Irish reproductive politics – Padraig Murphy (DCU)

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  • World Bioethics Day Symposium 2018
    • More details soon
  • Communicating Bioethics workshop 2019
    • More details soon


UNESCO Bioethics Ireland projects & collaborations

  • Council of the European Division of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics project: ‘Electronic health records and vulnerable migrants in Europe’ (coordinated by Dr Oliver Feeney) – Password protected page

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